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Travel Throwback, all the way to Prague

Prague is probably one of the most beautiful city I’ve seen. It’s an old city with its own unique characters and beautiful architectures. The astronomical clock is a sight to see. I remember my long walk all around the old city, across the bridge and just took in the beauty of Prague. I even found a little gem, local cafe called La Bottega Di Finestra. Very lovely restaurant/cafe/fancy grocer, in case you’re visiting Prague, here’s their address…
Platnéřská 89/11, Praha-Staré Město
Visit Prague and I hope you find your own little gem..
-love K.

Barcelona, Spain

In the spirit of throwback Thursday, I thought I’ll share with you my favorite time from two years ago. The time when I travelled around Europe with two of my best friends, we tend to disagree on things but Barcelona being one of our favorite city is one thing all three of us can agree on.
Barcelona left such an impression on all of us, but for me personally, I have never seen city with such unique architectures. Everywhere we go, the genius of Gaudi can be seen everywhere. No matter how commercial La Sagrada Familia is nowadays, the moment I step inside not only did I have the biggest smile on my face, I’m sure I giggled a bit. And how do I begin to tell you about all the tapas and the sangrias we inhaled the whole time we were there.
Such an amazing city, amazing weather and beautiful people. Can’t wait to once again be immersed in the beauty of Barcelona.

All photos taken by me, Feb 2012